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Mooltipass Mini BLE

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Guide to updating your Mini BLE


Before updating your device, make sure to backup your user profile by following the instructions present in our user manual, section III. F).

Updating your Mooltipass Mini BLE means upgrading its internal bundle and internal firmwares.
To discover your device bundle version, start Moolticute and head to its About tab.
In it you will discover your bundle version. If it isn’t displayed, your version is 0.

Update Step 0: Install Moolticute

If not already installed, please visit our website to download the latest Moolticute version.

Update Step 1: Enable Update Mode on your Mini BLE

Connect your Mooltipass Mini BLE to your computer through USB and make sure your device is fully charged:

Insert a card the wrong way around (chip facing up) to get to this screen. Do not remove the card.

Update Step 2: Enable Moolticute’s Developer Tab, Upload your File

In Moolticute, press SHIFT-F3 (on Mac you may have to press the Fn key too) in such a way that all keys are pressed at the end of the shortcut. The BLE Dev tab will appear in the top part of the application.

Click on the “Select Bundle File” button and select your update file. The upload will start automatically and your unit will display this screen:

At the end of the upload, your device will reboot and update itself. Do not disconnect your device during the update process.
If your device reboots and displays “No aux MCU”, simply disconnect and reconnect your USB cable.