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Mooltipass Mini BLE

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Main MCU to Aux MCU Commands

These commands DO NOT get answers except for the ping (exact same packet replied)

Byte 0-1 Byte 2-3 Byte 4-5 6-559 Description
0x0004 0x0002 0x0001 DNC Aux MCU Sleep
0x0004 0x0002 0x0002 DNC USB Attach
0x0004 0x0002 0x0003 DNC Ping (deprecated)
0x0004 0x0008 0x0004 6B MAC BLE Enable
0x0004 0x0002 0x0005 DNC NiMH Charge Start
0x0004 0x0002 0x0006 DNC No Comms Unavailable
0x0004 0x0002 0x0007 DNC BLE Disable
0x0004 0x0002 0x0008 DNC USB Detach
0x0004 0x0002 0x0009 DNC Functional Test Start
0x0004 0x0004 0x000A 2B status Main Status Cache Update
0x0004 0x0002 0x000B DNC NiMH Charge Stop
0x0004 0x0003 0x000C 1B bat pct Set Battery Level