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Mooltipass Mini BLE

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Mooltipass Graphics Bundle Composition

This page explains in details the graphics bundle data structure.

Bundle Composition

Bundle Header
File addresses
Update file(s)
String file(s)
Font file(s)
Bitmap file(s)
Binary file(s)
Language map(s)

Bundle Header

bytes name description
0->3 magic_header 0x12345678
4->7 total_size Bundle total size
8->11 crc32 Bundle CRC32 starting from byte 12
12->75 signed_hash TBD
76->79 update_file_count Number of update files
80->83 update_file_offset Start address to find update file addresses
84->87 string_file_count Number of string files
88->91 string_file_offset Start address to find string file addresses
92->95 fonts_file_count Number of font files
96->99 fonts_file_offset Start address to find font file addresses
100->103 bitmap_file_count Number of bitmap files
104->107 bitmap_file_offset Start address to find bitmap file addresses
108->111 binary_img_file_count Number of binary files (keyboard LUTs)
112->115 binary_img_file_offset Start address to find binary file addresses
116->119 language_map_item_count Number of language map items
120->123 language_map_offset Start address to find language map items
124->127 language_bitmap_starting_id Starting index for language bitmaps

Bitmap File

bytes name description
0->1 width Bitmap width
2 height Bitmap height
3 xpos Recommended X display position
4 ypos Recommended Y display position
5 depth Number of bits per pixel
6->7 flags Flags defining data format
8->9 dataSize Payload datasize
10->… data Bitmap data

Font File

bytes description
0->5 Font header
6->65 15x uint16_t (interval_start-interval_end) of unicode chars for which we provide support description
66->(66+described_chr_countx2) Uint16_t array of glyph indexes (set to an index when we support the char, 0xFFFF otherwise)
(66+described_chr_countx2)->(66+described_chr_countx2+chr_countx8) Glyph array
(66+described_chr_countx2+chr_countx8)->… Pixel data for glyphs

Font Header

bytes name description
0 height Font height
1 depth Number of bits per pixel
2->3 described_chr_count Number of characters for which we describe support
4->5 chr_count Number of characters in this font

Font Glyph

bytes name description
0 xrect x width of rectangle
1 yrect y height of rectangle
2 xoffset x offset of glyph in rectangle
3 yoffset y offset of glyph in rectangle
4->7 glyph_data_offset offset from beginning of pixel data for this glyph data

Text File

bytes description
0->1 Number of strings in text file (nb_strings)
2->2+2xnb_strings Array of offset addresses for the nb_strings (addra, addrb, addrc…)
addra->addra+1 Length of string #0 (length0), including final 0
addra+2->addra+2+length0 String #0
addrb->addrb+1 Length of string #1 (length1), including final 0
addrb+2->addrb+2+length1 String #1

Language Map Entry

bytes description
0->35 Unicode string of language description, with terminating 0x0000
36->37 String file ID for that language
38->39 Starting font ID for that language
40->41 Starting bitmap ID for that language
42->43 Recommended keyboard layout ID

Keyboard File Entry

bytes description
0->39 Unicode string of layout description, with terminating 0x0000
40->119 20x uint16_t (interval_start-interval_end) of unicode chars for which we provide support description
120->… Array of uint16_t, each describing how to type a glyph (see below)
bits description
15 If 14->8 is 0: dead key bitmask
14->8 0: only one key is required, 0x3f: not implemented, else: first key to type
7->0 HID key to type (0x80: shift bitmask, 0x40: alt bitmask, 0x03: europe key)