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Mooltipass Mini BLE

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Aux MCU to Main MCU Events

These events DO NOT get answers.

Byte 0-1 Byte 2-3 Byte 4-5 6-559 Description
0x0005 0x0002 0x0001 DNC BLE Enabled
0x0005 0x0002 0x0002 DNC BLE Disabled
0x0005 0x0002 0x0003 DNC DBG TX Sweep Done
0x0005 0x0003 0x0004 N/A Functional Test Done
0x0005 0x0002 0x0005 DNC USB Enumerated
0x0005 0x0002 0x0006 DNC NiMH Charge Done
0x0005 0x0002 0x0007 DNC NiMH Charge Fail
0x0005 0x0002 0x0008 DNC Sleep Command Received
0x0005 0x0002 0x0009 DNC I’m Here!

Functional test 1 byte payload:
0: Success 1: BLE failure 2: NiMH charging failure